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MEET Monique

Posing coach at Loes Fitness

Specialties include: Women’s figure posing (NPC & all natural federations). Also Poses bikini, wellness, & physique Athletes

Bachelors degree in Exercise Science, Nutrition, & Minor in Coaching 


Monique absolutely loved sports growing up whether that was in support of others playing or participating herself. In college, gymnastics was her main sport but she also participated in golf and track. Given her diverse background in athletics, she developed a competitive drive which has led her to bodybuilding. 


She first stepped on stage in 2017 with no idea what to expect. The second she stepped off stage she was hooked! Getting out of her comfort zone and learning to present her package to the judges is what truly that made her fall in love with posing. Monique finds the art of posing on the bodybuilding stage to be like no other, and she's passionate to help others experience see that.

Her goal is to guide every one of her clients to develop the confidence in themselves and their packages to be successful in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is more than a lifestyle to Monique; it’s her passion!

Her Expectations

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 2.29.53 PM.png

What she expects from you:

1. Your poses should be executed routinely. Progress does not happen over night. It happens with consistency. She expects you to put in maximum effort to nail down those poses in between your posing sessions.  

2. You need to be coachable.  If she recommends a variation to your posing routine then you need to trust her guidance and implement it accordingly. She knows what the judges are looking for and she is here to help you with her expertise.


What you’ll expect from her:

1. Monique is here to help you crush that stage! Her passion for bodybuilding radiates through her coaching style. Your posing sessions will be executed with her best efforts, driven attitude, and positive mindset.


2. Monique will help you gain confidence. She knows first hand what it takes to get you to your goals and she is going to give you her all. From tips, tricks, and expertise, Monique will have you stage ready in no time.

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