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Team Loes “Less” is all about accountability, consistency, drive, hard work, and determination to obtain the highest level of health and fitness in the fitness industry. With an all out dedication to better ourselves not only in the gym, but outside the gym with our daily lives, we are continuously striving for perfection by making small progressional steps each and every day. These steps built up overtime will develop habits that will stick with us as we get closer and closer to our goals. Once we obtain and reach those goals, once we reach that doorway, that’s where we knock the mother f'n door down to reach a higher level of our true potential!

Loes Fitness provides you with a program broken down into phases dependent on where you are currently at with your health. We will continuously progress phase to phase depending on your biofeedback markers and progress made. We don't only want you to reach your goals, but we want to assure that you reach them in the safest and most efficient way as possible. True progression in the gym comes from proper execution, recovery, and intent. We strive to beat the log book week by week whether or not that’s with the amount of reps we are doing, amount of weight we are lifting, or mind to muscle connection with the intended target muscle group. Remember this is a lifestyle change, not a quick 30-day fad diet!

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Every training program is designed upon your specific goals. We are all unique individuals meaning we all have different starting points, limitations, and specific goals we want to achieve. 

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Working with Loes, you can expect a customized training program along with a flexible, macro-nutrient based diet to help you get to where you want to specifically be and push you past your perceived limits. 

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Not familiar with macros? No worries, you will be taught the basics of tracking your macros (protein, carbs, and fats you consume each day). This allows you to reach your goals quicker, while still enjoying life by eating flexibly.

MEET the coaches

Austin Loes

Head Coach & Owner of Loes Fitness

Monique Imsande

Posing Coach


Loes Approach

Training & Video Assessments:

You’ll be set up with an extremely intense and detailed training program that aligns with our coaching techniques. You will be asked to send in your weekly training videos for assessment of form, execution, and intensity.

Nutrition Programming:

Macro-based nutrition protocol is what the majority of our clients follow but if you want or need a meal plan, we are happy to work with you on that as well.

Cardio & Supplementation Protocols:

You'll be assigned weekly cardio to complete. We will also recommend supplements based on your needs, goals, and what we believe truly works. We only recommend the highest quality products for our clients. 

Blood Work Assessment:

To ensure your health comes first throughout this process, we have the knowledge to fix the majority of hormonal imbalances found through blood work assessments. Imbalances are often caused by poor programming and improper protocols from previous coaches that have left you unhealthy. We are here to work with you on normalizing those hormones. 

Weekly Biofeedback Check-ins:

Every week you’ll send in updated pictures, fill out the check-in documentation, and submit these items for assessment. This is where changes to the protocol are made if and when they’re needed. 

Frequent Access to Your Coach:

We’re a team, you won’t be sitting around waiting for days to hear from us. Our response time to messages is always implied ASAP Monday-Saturday, 24 hours a day! 

CLIENT testimonials

“I reached out to Austin about one year ago to the date. It has been a great learning process over the past year for me. Things that were once difficult in training/diet are now becoming second nature. I went through a full fall/winter of working to put "healthy weight" on and Austin's guidance made the process simple and fun. It did take me some time to get used to mentally because I was worried about gaining weight. In the past when I had tried to gain weight, I ended up putting on way too much fat and I didn't understand the process correctly. Austin made it very clear for me and kept encouraging me to TRUST THE PROCESS. I bought into it fully and did everything that he instructed. I was able to achieve the goal of minimizing fat gain and was able to gain some lean muscle. Over the past couple of months, he has reversed the process and has been helping me cut weight back down. Again, the process was difficult to trust because I wanted to go back to my old habits of immediately changing diet and going to extremes, which did get some results, but not to the extent that I have seen with Austin's coaching. I look forward to continuing to work with him and set new goals for the future. Buy into his coaching, listen to his instructions, and not only will you be able to meet your goals; you will surpass them."

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