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MEET Austin

Head Coach & Owner of Loes Fitness

Certifications include: NASM, PTC, & CNC

With additional Sports Exercise Science and kinesiology Background


Growing up in a range of athletics including hockey, football, baseball, track, and golf, Austin has a competitive edge and drive to succeed. After retiring from playing junior hockey, he needed that competitive void to be filled and that’s when he picked up the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle.


Since the age of 20, Austin has been developing his bodybuilding competition background. He has 3 top 2 finishes, holds the title as 2020 Mr. Minnesota Classic Physique Champ. As of 2021, Austin is an avid National NPC Bodybuilding Competitor. 

With 7 years of experience in the industry, debunking fitness myths, constantly learning new techniques, protocols, and being a competitor himself living the lifestyle day in and day out, he believes his coaching along with the other Loes Fitness coaches have what it takes to push you, guide you, and lead you in the right direction in order for you to reach your goals in the quickest, and most efficient way possible!


There’s no short cuts, no b.s., and no cookie cutter programs. If you’re willing to give him everything you have, there’s no doubt in his mind that he will get you to where you want to be! 

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His Expectations

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What he expects from you:

1. Communication needs to be on point and check-ins need to be completed properly. When he asks for communication about a part of the protocol he is closely assessing, he expects that to be vocalized truthfully.

2. You need to be coachable. You’ll be sending in training videos, check ins, biofeedback summaries, etc. When he notates a change, you need to implement it in the time frame given per check-in.


What You’ll Expect From Austin:

1. Real and true knowledge- Austin has an overflowing amount of knowledge about the human body, biomechanics, physiology,  and how each one pertains to helping you reaching your goals. He will explain the why behind each change and how you can implement it into your daily lifestyle.


2. Care, honesty, and passion- He lives for impacting others through health and fitness. He wakes up every morning with the drive to not only improve himself, but also with a desire to improve the fitness industry as a whole. He absolutely loves what he does and you’ll undoubtedly see that through your interactions with him. You’ll get his full attention and care because he believes in the importance of a proper client to coach relationship knowing that if it isn’t 100%, it will show in the long term results of his clients. He truly wants to see you succeed in your goals just as bad as he wants to keep pushing towards his own goals.

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